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Losing a tooth can have consequences on your remaining teeth, which seek to compensate for the missing tooth. Without their usual point of contact, adjoining teeth may shift toward the gap or become loose.

Thanks to the implatology, dental implants can help restore tooth functionality while improving your smile.

What are dental implants?

Implants are titanium rods that look like small screws. They are just a few millimetres in diameter and length, and may be straight or cone-shaped. Implants are inserted into your jawbone to replace the missing natural root and to anchor replacement teeth.

Strict protocol

Candidates for implants must have good general and oral health, as well as sufficient bone volume to hold the implant.

An initial consultation is required to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants. This appointment will include:

  • Reviewing your medical and dental history
  • Examining your mouth
  • Taking x-rays and a 3D bone scan (as needed)

We’ll determine whether a pre-prosthetic intervention, such as a bone graft, is needed before the implant can be installed.

Installing a dental implant is a minor surgery that can be performed at our clinic under local anaesthetic.

Types of prostheses

Generally, an implant procedure ends with the prosthetic phase, which is when a replacement tooth is solidly anchored to your implant.

Several types of prostheses are available. We will help you make the right choice for your needs and lifestyle.

Single implant-supported crowns

This permanent solution is used to replace one or multiple individual teeth.

These crowns can be made using CEREC technology, which provides strong and durable results.

Removable implant-supported prostheses

This type of prosthesis is secured with fasteners located under the appliance. This solution is ideal for patients who find removable full or partial dentures uncomfortable.

Different types of fasteners are available, but snap fasteners and retaining bars are popular choices.

With removable implant-supported prostheses, you will rediscover the joy of eating, conversing and many other activities. They are stable, comfortable and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Full implant-supported permanent dentures

As the name indicates, this type of prosthesis is permanent, meaning only your dentist can remove it. This option makes chewing and speaking easy, and it’s almost as comfortable as natural teeth.

Implant-supported permanent bridges

Like full appliances, partial implant-supported bridges are very comfortable and functional.

The bridges are used to replace several missing teeth while preserving the natural structures of adjoining teeth.

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