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CEREC restorations

With CEREC technology, a ceramic restoration can be made and installed in only one appointment. This state-of-the-art German technology, launched some 30 years ago, is used worldwide to quickly produce beautiful, durable and metal-free inlays and crowns.

Ceramic: The ideal material

Ceramic is the ideal material for dental restorations. It is perfectly biocompatible, durable and looks very much like natural teeth. Ceramic is nearly identical to enamel in its solidity, texture and reaction to temperature variations. It is also more durable than white composite used in fillings.

Ceramic restorations make chewing more comfortable and they wear out at the same rate as natural teeth. They ensure a softer contact between teeth to avoid premature wear of adjoining and opposite teeth.

When can this technology be used?

CEREC technology is ideal for designing and fabricating permanent restorations that can significantly reinforce teeth that have been damaged, cracked or weakened by previous amalgam or composite repairs. Crowns, inlays, permanent bridges and veneers can be designed and installed with great precision. Studies have shown that with this technology, up to 98% of a tooth’s original strength can be restored.

The procedure

There are many advantages to performing a restoration in only one appointment. Thanks to CEREC technology, you’ll only need anaesthesia once. And, because the restoration is made right in the clinic, there’s no need for a temporary repair while you wait for the permanent restoration to be ready.

1) Taking digital impressions

After cleaning the tooth and removing any cavities or previous restorations, the dentist makes an impression of the area to be restored. The 3D digital impression is made with CEREC 3D, a small intraoral camera. Simple and quick to use, the dentist only needs to pass the camera over the tooth. A precise 3D image is instantaneously created in the computer—no need for traditional moulds to make a dental impression.

2) Designing the restoration

Based on the 3D model, the dentist uses the CEREC software to design a functional restoration that will be perfectly adjusted to your mouth. The shape and colour of the restoration are carefully selected for an optimal, beautiful-looking result.

3) Producing the ceramic restoration

Once the restoration has been designed, the information is sent to the production chamber, where the ceramic block is immediately and precisely sculpted. The production time varies depending on the type of ceramic used, and the quality of the ceramic determines its durability.

Before getting installed, the restoration is polished and adjusted so that it matches adjoining teeth.

4) Installing the restoration

To complete the procedure, the restoration is installed and secured to the tooth using dental cement. In only a few hours, CEREC technology can provide you with optimal, biocompatible, reliable, precise and beautiful-looking results.

Good to know

  • Each person’s situation is unique and must be individually assessed. This type of technology cannot be used for very minor restorations; in these cases, the dentist will opt for amalgam or composite materials
  • The cost varies depending on the quality of the ceramic used and the scope of the restoration. CEREC technology usually costs about the same as traditional restorations. And, CEREC restorations look great, are durable and are of high quality
  • When several restorations are done simultaneously, a second appointment may be needed for their installation. If this is the case, a temporary restoration is installed in the meantime

CEREC technology has revolutionized the production and installation of dental restorations. To find out more, talk with your dentist.

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